What is the best leakproof roof: Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Posted by Chase Landry on Feb 7, 2020 5:09:22 PM
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Are you having issues with water leaking through your roof at your business or home and need to find a better solution, or are you looking to add a roof to a new construction?

If you are like most people then you probably already know about the main categories of roofing options such as metal, shingled, and flat roofing. But, did you know that there are subcategories within those roofing types too? 

Because of the multitude of roofing options available, we wanted to help you narrow things down, and tell you about a superior roofing system that we think you should consider for your home or business. 


Our Choice - Standing Seam Metal Roofing 


After many roofing installations we have decided that the best roofing option available, in our opinion, is a standing seam metal roofing system.  It consists of metal panels that feature a flat surface and two vertical legs that reach up to connect to the following panel which conceals the fasteners that hold down the panels to the roofing structure. This is the key to the standing seam system; the fact that the fasteners are hidden under the connection points. Tradesman generally call this type of roofing a "hidden fastener system".  


Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

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How to Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing - Hemmed Eave and Rake



What Makes Standing Seam Metal Roofing Better


When it comes to roofing, the goal is to try and prevent holes/penetrations from causing leaks. Some penetration examples can be ventilation for restroom plumbing, ventilation for kitchen hoods, and fasteners used to hold down the roofing material. 

Unlike with standard metal or shingled roofs, with a standing seam metal roof—you won't have fasteners penetrating through the weather exposed top layer, which helps tremendously to reduce leaking from occurring at those points. 


Extra Leak Proofing Roofing Tidbits 


We mentioned a few different types of roofing penetrations above such as ventilation for kitchen hoods and plumbing holes. Even with a standing seam metal roof system in place, these items may still exist and you need to make sure that preventative measures are being taken  to  seal off any holes made through your roofing.  

There are some tried and true methods that we recommend, in order to prevent leaks from occurring due to these additional roof penetrations. They include:

  • Adding rubber or lead jacks (sleeve) to surround and seal the penetration.
  • Using skid plates.
    • These are simply a metal plate that begins at the top of the roof under the trim or ridge cap then rides on top of the roofing panels and surrounds the penetration pipe. 

3 Additional Must-Knows About Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems  


There are three things that we thought you might want to know about in addition to the other information that we have provided about standing seam metal roofs: 

  1. There is a higher cost associated with a quality standing seam metal roof.
  2. There are different categories of standing seam also that have their own capabilities under particular circumstances and climates.
  3. Not all roofing system are created equal. Nor are all roofers. Make sure that your roofer is ordering your standing seam metal roofing system from a reputable company, and that they have experience installing them. (Ask for warranty information on the product and your roofers warranty.)


Making Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels 


If you are interested in seeing how standing seam panels are produced, check out our video below! 

HubSpot Video


We hope that this blog has enlightened you on the subject of roofing so you can make a more informed decision! 


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