Demolition in Lafayette, LA

Posted by Chase Landry on Oct 23, 2018 9:47:02 PM
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Demolition of a residential home in Lafayette, LA after a fire burned half of the house. Prior to any demolition project, make sure that all of the utilities are disconnected to protect the main supply lines and also for everyone's safety. During a home demolition, we take care of the surroundings leaving existing trees in place and remove the unwanted debris only while leaving concrete or any other items on the property if desired. When the project is complete, we will leave the dirt graded smoothly and free of all debris for a professional project. 

Demolition projects are usually completed in 1-2 days so the process does not take long. We recommend that you remove all wanted belongings from the home prior to a demolition company beginning for two reasons. The first reason being that your project will be estimated on the amount IMG_0657of debris that is inside of the home. The second reason is that if you wait too long, maybe the home will collapse or some of the good items may get damaged from moisture issues. We recommend that you take caution when removing items from a home that had fire damage or even storm damage because the home's structural integrity may have been compromised causing a collapse and injury to occur. We are happy to salvage certain items with our machinery during our project if the homeowner wants to retain certain items in a home as best as we can. 

As an added benefit, we offer dirt services if you need additional dirt to be hauled in and spread to level off the property to rebuild. We also are able to remove trees and shrubs if there are unwanted trees on the property whether it's a few trees or a few acres of trees. We want to create an open canvas for your future new home or property to reuse for a different purpose! 

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