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Posted by Chase Landry on Oct 22, 2018 11:53:03 AM
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Many companies whom want to expand often hesitate to begin the building process because of many unknown factors including the first step which is identifying your needs. The construction industry often uses a lot of jargon which is often misunderstood and seems over complicated. Our company has a specific process that can literally begin from writing on a napkin.

Once an idea is formed and there has been a need that has been identified, then a design process can begin. There are often wants and wish lists, but there is also a utility that the growing company will need to focus their building around. Your company may need to stack inventory 2-stories tall with a mezzanine deck (intermediate 2nd floor deck used for storage) to properly operate the business, but the "want" emotion may steer you into a building that looks like an Apple store with zero storage and only 10' tall ceiling heights.

bg2The moral here is that often many businesses visit with an architect to start building a beautiful building of what they think they "want" compared to their needs and end up revising the plans many times to later arrive at the actual need or utility that the business requires.

You ask yourself, "why does this matter?". It matters because time is money and allowing yourself to follow a process without the key utility and needs of the business will only delay progress and growth. Choose a company who has the ability to help you begin the design process and carry you through the construction process with that one goal in mind, utility! Being practical upfront with yourself and the company you choose will save time, money, and resources.

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