Benefits Of Using Drones for Construction Projects

Posted by Chase Landry on Feb 14, 2019 8:44:56 PM
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While most of the excitement around drones tends to be hovering around when they will start delivering our Amazon packages, drones offer much more benefit to several industries in the world, including the construction industry.

While, historically, construction projects have been time-consuming, resource intensive, and intuitively complex, drones offer a great deal of value to general contractors in helping to address some of these common, yet surmountable problems. Below are 3 of the many ways in which drones are simplifying the industry's processes. 


1. Photographing the entire construction site is easier than ever.

Historically, the only way to capture the overhead view of your construction site was to settle for what satellite had to offer or know someone with a helicopter who might offer to help you snap your own aerial views. 

Not anymore! Drones not only provide a cheaper means of surveying your site, but they also capture superior quality footage, much better than a satellite ever could.

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2. Drones fit in numerous stages and applications of the construction process.

It would seem fitting enough that drones could enhance certain niche aspects of the construction process—but in realitythey not only enhance the ease of certain projects, but improve efficiency as well.

For example, drones offer a much more eye-popping experience in regards to marketing materials for your past construction project portfolio. They also provide extremely detailed progress monitoring and 3D modeling to larger and more sophisticated projects. And, while adding their benefit to the construction itself, they also do a fine job in the other realms of the construction industry such as inspection, demolition, and the planning/consultation stages as well.


3. Reducing the costs, wastes, and risks involved with traditional projects.

Collecting more data by cheaper means is always a good thing in business. Even more so with the construction business. In an industry where fair bidding and quality separate the successful and the bankrupt has-beens, cutting costs while maintaining quality is the recipe for success.

Drones can be flown much cheaper and deployed much faster than previous means of surveying. This means more data at quicker rates which allows for more precise project planning and tweaking. Not to mention how much safer drones make the surveying process for humans. Decreasing risks and accidents also adds to project savings and personnel costs in the long run.

In summary, while construction projects don't necessarily "need" drones to complete the job, they clearly are starting to make a much bigger impact in the industry as the technology continues to improve. Soon, drones may become the standard in the industry, elevating those who incorporate them to new heights, while those without them will be left on the ground.

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